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Exporting Data

Exporting User, Notification and Outcome Data from OneSignal.

OneSignal supports exporting User, Notification and Outcome data. See Data Collected by the OneSignal SDK for more details.

To export the data from the Dashboard or API, jump to section:

User Data Exports

Exporting User Data from Dashboard


Limited data from Dashboard Export

Only the visible columns selected will be exported in the CSV.

In the Audience > All Users tab, you can export a CSV of all user data or segments.

  1. Select the segment you want to export or N/A for all users (subscribed + unsubscribed).
  2. Make sure the data you want is visible. You can select the data you want exported.
  3. Select the Actions button and Export Users.

An email will be automatically sent to the email currently logged in with.


Excel/Microsoft Encoding Warning

Recommended to Import the CSV file into Excel instead of opening the file in Excel directly.

Exporting User Data From the API

User Data currently cannot be filtered by specific parameters to export via the API (i.e You cannot get all users with the x tag or x external user id). You must use the Dashboard to Segment users by these parameters first, then export the segment from the dashboard or API.

API EndpointDetailsData
User Data CSV exportProvides a link to a CSV file for download of all users.
Can filter by Segments
Best way to get all user data from OneSignal including ad_id, web_auth, and web_p256 keys.
View devicesProvides paginated view of up to 50 device records per request. (Unavailable for Apps with over 80,000 users)Provides similar but more limited data to User Data CSV export.
View deviceGet specific User Data by Player IDSimilar to View devices data.

Notification Data Exports

Exporting Notification Data from Dashboard

OneSignal Paid Plan Required


Notification Data Limit

Data for notifications sent via our API and Automated Messages is only accessible for around 30 days before deleted from our servers. You will need to export this data every month if you want to keep it.

You can export the full text, delivery statistics, and send times, of all messages you've sent from the dashboard by going to the Delivery Tab and then clicking 'Export.'

Click "Advanced" to get more filtering options:

  1. Source: Use to get All Messages, Dashboard Only, API Only, Automated Only, or Test Messages.
  2. Device Type: Filters notifications sent to specific operating system (Web, Android Mobile, iOS Mobile, Email).
  3. Text Search: Currently only available for Notifications sent from Dashboard (must select Source: Dashboard Messages).
  4. Start and End Date: Sort by specific dates.
  5. Export will send a CSV of the current data to your logged in email.

You'll receive an email (typically within a few minutes) to download the export, up to 1,000,000 rows. If you want to export more than 1,000,000 notifications, just apply a date range or filters to get the export size below 1,000,000 rows. The file will be zipped.

Note that the data in a CSV export may up to 30 minutes delayed as delivery statistics propagate.

Dashboard Exported Message Data

idNotification ID
completed_atWhen the Notification finished sending
total_queuedHow many are left to be sent
successfulHow many were delivered to Google and Apple's servers.
failedHow many were counted as unsubscribed.
erroredHow many error users were reported, check your OneSignal dashboard settings for more details.
remainingHow many are left to be sent
convertedHow many were clicked
contentsNotification Message
headingsNotification Title
queued_atWhen the Notification was created
send_afterWhen the Notification was set to start sending to subscribers.
receivedSee Confirmed Deliveries.

Exporting Notification Data from API


Notification Data Limitations

Data for notifications sent via our API and Automated Messages is only accessible for around 30 days before deleted from our servers. You will need to export this data every month if you want to keep it.

API EndpointDetailsData
View notificationsProvides paginated view of up to 50 notifications per request.

Can be filtered by notification type. ie API, Dashboard or Automated notifications.
Contains notification payload, targeting parameters and delivery stats.

Does not contain a list of devices that were sent or clicked the push unless you used include_player_ids or include_external_user_ids.
View notificationProvides a single notification's data.Similar to View notifications data.
Notification History

Required: OneSignal Paid Plan
Provides list of Player IDs that were "sent" or "clicked" a notification.

Retrieving "sent" player_ids is only available for notifications that had over 1000 recipients.

If the notification targeted a segment or used filters that were under 1000 recipients, the player_ids that were targeted will be unavailable

If the notification targeted player ids (like automated messages) or external user ids, you can access the sent data in the View Notification(s) endpoints.

"clicked" data is available for all notifications.

Exporting Outcome Data from Dashboard

Each Message Report contains all Outcome Statistics related to that notification as well as information such as delivery numbers, click-through rate, and influenced opens.

You can also view a cumulative graph of all outcomes over the past 30 days in Delivery > Outcomes.

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Exporting Data

Exporting User, Notification and Outcome Data from OneSignal.

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