Apps & Organizations

Add, Change, or Delete Apps in your OneSignal Account.

Signing up at creates an account for your email address. Your email can then be associated with multiple OneSignal Apps and Organizations.

A OneSignal App is used for a single project to house the relevant user and messaging data for all platforms your application supports, e.g website, iOS and Android mobile apps, emails, etc.

If you have multiple environments for your applications like staging, development, production, etc. you can create multiple apps within an Organization. OneSignal Apps are free to create without limit. OneSignal only charges based on Apps within a paid Organization if you want upgraded features.

A OneSignal Organization is a container that helps manage multiple OneSignal Apps. Organizations provide a consolidated view and control over your apps, people with access to your apps, security policies and billing details. Organizations must have at least one app. You can create as many organizations as you need. For example a "paid organization" for your production apps and a "free organization" for your development and testing apps.


App and Organization Team Access

If you need access to a OneSignal App or Organization, contact a member of your team with access and ask them to add you. Details in this guide Manage Team Members.

Create an App

Login to and click New App/Website to start creating an app. See Mobile Quickstart or Web Quickstart for details.

Find App ID

Navigate to the app Settings > Keys & IDs.

Rename Apps

Login to Next to the app to rename, select Options > Rename.

Create an Organization

Navigate to the Organizations tab or click the Upgrade button. Upgrading is not required for an Organization, but an Organization is required for upgrading.

Find Org ID

Navigate to the organization. The Org ID is the UUID found in the URL after /organizations/. Example:

8815b6d4-82c1-4b6c-a5bd-809baa317b6f is the Org ID.

Rename Organizations

Navigate to Organizations, next to the org to rename, select Options > Rename.

Add Apps to an Organization

A OneSignal App can only belong to a single Organization at a time. An Organization can have multiple Apps.

Go to Organizations > Your Organization > Add Apps.

You must have both Organization-Level and App-Level Access to add an App to the Organization. See Manage Team Members to get access.

  • If you are the Organization Admin but not the App Admin, contact your App Admin (probably your developer) and ask them to follow this guide to add you as an App Admin: Manage Team Members.
  • If you are the App Admin but not the Org Admin, add your Org Admin to the app or create an Organization if you don't have one.

Move Apps to another Organization

You must be an Organization Admin to move apps. Go to Organizations > Your Organization > Apps > More actions > Move to Another Organization.

Delete Apps


Deletion is Permanent!

Once you delete data from OneSignal, it cannot be undone.



You'll need to to Move the app to another organization if it is in one.

You can delete Apps that have under 5,000 Total Subscriptions and are not associated with an Organization.

To delete an app with 5,000+ Total Subscriptions, please contact OneSignal Support.

Go to Apps > Options > Remove.

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