Disabled Apps & Orgs

Why is my OneSignal App or Organization Disabled?

This guide explains what to do if your OneSignal App or Organization is disabled. If you want to manually disable your app, see Disabling your OneSignal App or if you want to downgrade your Organization, see Billing FAQ.

If your OneSignal App is disabled, you cannot send messages, delete data or export data. If your Organization is disabled, then all apps within the Organization are disabled and cannot be removed from the Organization.

Common reasons you are disabled are as follows.

API Rate Limits

OneSignal has extremely high and generous rate limits. In order to prevent any accidental messaging of users too frequently, one of our limits is you cannot send more messages than 10x your subscriber base in 15 minutes.

For example, if you have 1000 subscribers, you cannot send 10,000 messages in a 15 minute timeframe.

If you reach this limit, your app will be disabled and can be re-enabled within the dashboard. If you hit this limit too frequently, you will need to contact [email protected] with the reason why you need to increase this limit.

See our Rate Limits guide for more details.

Overdue Invoice

If you have signed up for a paid plan, it is your responsibility to cancel that plan if you do not want to continue with it. If you do not cancel and/or pay your invoice, the app will be disabled 2 weeks after the invoice date and will not be enabled until payment is made. If you aren't able to view the billing page, please contact your org admin for assistance or email [email protected]

See our Billing FAQ for details.

Email Violations

Your app may be disabled from sending email if you violated our Acceptable Use Policy. You will need to ensure you have implemented the necessary measures to reduce bounce and complain rates. See How to Lower Email Bounce and Complaint Rates for more details. Once ready or if you have questions, contact [email protected] with the following information:

  • what actions you took to reduce the amount of complaints and bounces
  • what are your use cases for sending email
  • the OneSignal App ID that is disabled for email sends

Where to go next?

For any questions or concerns, please reach our support team at [email protected] and provide:

  • any details you can on what happened before the app or organization was disabled
  • the OneSignal App ID found in Keys & IDs

We will assist you ASAP!