iOS: Relevance Score

How you can set a relevance score


Image showing selection of relevance score into Morning Summary

A Relevance Score is a score to be set per notification to indicate how it should be displayed when grouped. The system uses the relevance score, a value between 0 and 1, to sort the notifications from your app. The highest score gets featured in the notification summary. This was introduced in iOS15+.

Users can set when they see their daily summary on their iPhone.


Image. Showing user settings on an iPhone for their Daily Summary

How to set a Relevance Score?

  1. Setup the OneSignal iOS SDK with the Notification Service Extension. You will need to implement the Notification Service Extension as outlined in our Mobile SDK Setup for the SDK you use.

  2. Ensure you are set up to use the dashboard to send push notifications. Additionally, if you’re not familiar with sending a push message read How to Send a Push

  3. Navigate to Create a Push Message. When selecting your platforms, you’ll see there is a section to toggle-on the Send to Apple iOS.

Here there is a section called Relevance Score. Select a value between 0 and 1.


  • Choose Wisely: We recommend only setting the most important notification you have as a 1. If you set all to a 1, they will be grouped without any ordering of your notifications.

Image. showing Apple iOS Settings to specify Relevance Score in