Manage Users

Add, Remove, or Update User Access to your OneSignal App or Organization.

Depending on your company's structure, you have a couple options when it comes to inviting others to join your OneSignal App or Organization. For instance, if you are inviting someone who does not need to be sending messages, like an analyst, you can assign them an "Organization Viewer" role. If you are inviting your developer or marketer who needs full access, you can assign them as "Organization Admins" for access to all apps in your Organization or "App Admins" to only access specific apps.

Organization Access

OneSignal Organization-Level Administrators can assign emails to have Administrator or Viewer Permissions within Organizations > Your Organization > Roles > Add Person button.

Organization Admin

Have full access to all features for all apps within the Organization.

Organization Viewer

Viewer role has view-only access to all apps within the Organization.

App Access

App-Level Administrators can be assigned within the specific App's Settings > Administrators > Add Another button.

Remove or Update User Access

Within the App or Organization, select the Options button for available actions.
Users can be removed from the App or Organization.
User Roles can be updated for an Organization only.

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