Quickstart Guide

Set up your OneSignal app and start sending messages!

1. Create Your Organization

Sign up at onesignal.com to create an account. Your organization will be your operational base for managing your apps and communication channels.

Create Organization

2. Add an App

After setting up your organization, the next step is to add an app. This involves naming your app and selecting the initial channel or platform you'd like to set up.

Add App

3. Set up your Channels

OneSignal supports a wide array of messaging channels and platforms, allowing you to engage with your audience wherever they are. Setting up your app and channels is a crucial step to ensure your messages reach your audience effectively.

Set Up Channels

Pick your first channel and follow the setup guide to start sending. Send this page to your developers if using push notifications, in-app messages or live activities!

4. Set your Users on a Journey

To take full advantage of omni-channel marketing, and Journeys, we recommend setting up more than one messaging channel. You can house all your push, email, and sms Subscriptions for a project in a single OneSignal App.

Identify Users by setting an External ID on your subscriptions. This will allow for personalization and easier automation in the future. For example, sending targeted Abandoned Cart Journey starts with Push notifications, and then follows up with Email, then SMS messages to encourage re-engagement.

Example of an Abandoned Cart Journey.

Example of an Abandoned Cart Journey.

5. Make Segment

When sending out message campaigns from the dashboard, you'll need to create an Audience. Your Audience is composed of Subscriptions grouped by segments.

For example, you can use data tags to build a segment.

Segment Editor

6. Send to your Audience

Now you can design messages and start sending! If not ready to send, you can store them as Templates, Drafts or get your Journeys started.

Send to your Audience

Image showing push editor message contents

What’s Next

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