SMS Quickstart

Setup instructions for SMS

SMS is a scalable channel for reaching users in real-time and outside of your app or website. SMS has among the highest open and engagement rates of all messaging channels.

OneSignal’s SMS feature allows you to create and send SMS easily to your users. To send SMS from OneSignal, you will need:

  1. An account with Twilio (SMS platform)
  2. Subscriber Phone numbers

OneSignal SMS Capabilities

OneSignal's SMS capabilities currently include:

Supported Phone Numbers

From/Sender Phone Numbers

Phone numbers to send SMS from are setup through Twilio or use your own phone numbers (but you can only send SMS within your country using your number).

OneSignal SMS supports sending messages from regular 10 digit Long Codes, Short Codes, Toll-Free numbers, and Twilio Messaging Service IDs.
AlphaSender IDs are supported if pooled under a Twilio Messaging Service.

Details, see SMS FAQ.

To/Audience Phone Numbers

Twilio and OneSignal require all user phone numbers to be in the E.164 format. More details on the format can be found on Wikipedia.

Phone Numbers can be added to OneSignal through our SDK, API, or Dashboard. See Import Phone Numbers for details.