Helpful details on using the features from Adjust within OneSignal.


  • Follow Adjust's documentation
  • OneSignal mobile SDK version 5.0.5 or higher
  • Data synced between Adjust and OneSignal is based on the adjust_id custom alias. You must set both the external_id and adjust_id for data to sync at the user level. See Aliases & External ID for details.


When a user identifies themself in your app, use OneSignal's login method to set the external_id, then use the addAlias method to set the label as adjust_id and the value to be the user's Adjust ID.

If you do not have any other user IDs, you can set both the external_id and adjust_id to be the same values.


Adjust uses iOS Universal Links and Android Intents for their deep linking functionality. When sending notifications, you need to set the OneSignal Launch URL as described in their documentation on Deep Links > Push Notifications.