Email Message Reports

OneSignal Email delivery and statistics

When clicking an email report, you will see the high-level stats of how the message is currently performing. For exporting data, see Export Message Data.


Image showing snapshot view of real-time message data

Delivery Statistics

AudienceThe number of email addresses included in the audience at the time of sending.
DeliveredThe number of messages confirmed to be successfully delivered to the Recipient's Inbox.
RemainingThe number of email addresses that have not been sent the message yet, or emails awaiting a delivery status. Each recipient in your audience was sent an email according to your delivery schedule. It can take inboxes several hours to share a failed or delivered event. If no event is shared after 8 hours, it is safe to assume the message was delivered but no event has been reported by the inbox.
BouncedA "bounce" generally occurs when sending to email addresses that:
- do not exist/spelled incorrectly
- have full inboxes
- are too old and not used anymore
- block domains with poor sender reputation (too many spam complaints)
- have a restrictive DMARC record for your sending domain.
Bounced email addresses are added to the Email Reputation & Suppression List.
See How to improve email deliverability for more details.
FailedOneSignal could not deliver the email to the recipient's inbox and will drop the message. See below FAQ Why are emails marked as failed? for details.
Unique OpensThe number of unique email opens. User privacy settings could affect these numbers. See below FAQ Why are Open events low? for details.
Total OpensThe total number of times the email was opened. Includes when a single email was opened multiple times. User privacy settings could affect these numbers. See below FAQ Why are Open events low? for details.
Unique ClicksThe number of recipients that have clicked a link in this email. Click Tracking must be enabled.
Total ClicksThe total number of times a link in the email was clicked. Includes when a single email link was clicked multiple times.
CTRClick Through Rate measured by (Unique Clicks/Deliveries) * 100%.
CTORClick to Open Rate measured by (Unique Clicks/Unique Opens) * 100%.
UnsubscribesThe number of recipients who opted out of your emails using the unsubscribe link in this email. Email address subscriptions are marked as unsubscribed immediately upon receiving the event.
Reported as SpamThe number of recipients who clicked the spam button for this email. Email addresses reported as spam are added to the Email Reputation & Suppression List.
Suppressed Emails not sent due to previous spam report or bounce in order to protect your reputation as an email sender. (Available for OneSignal Email Only)


API Message Data Retention Limit

Messages sent from the OneSignal API or Automated Messages are only saved for about 30 days.
You can export message data for your records through our API or Dashboard. See Exporting Data for more details.

Audience Activity

See which email address subscriptions were delivered, opened, clicked, unsubscribed, bounced, failed, and complained. Definitions for each event above. Available options:

  • Export activity data for all information, including the failure message reasons.
  • Retarget users based on activity data to follow up. See Retargeting Messages for more details.


Why are my emails marked as failed?

Within the Audience Activity section, you can view and export the message data with failure reasons. The two most common reasons for failed emails are:

  • Sending to non-existent email domains. E.g [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Sending to recipients emails that are on your ESPs Suppression list.
  • If you are using Custom Unsubscribe Links in your emails, you will need to unsubscribe the email address within OneSignal using our update user endpoint or via the CSV Update Tool
  • Previously bounced emails will be added to your ESPs Suppression list and marked as failed.
  • The domain is not warmed up to send the volume of emails and is being throttled by the Inbox Service Provider. See warmup guidefor instructions on warming your domain.

Failed emails can occur for several reasons. If you follow email best practices, the number of failures should be low. See How to improve email deliverability for more details.

Why are Open events low?

Tracking email Open events isn't always 100% reliable. There are ways your users can (accidentally or purposely) block open event tracking like using strict ad filtering (uBlock origin for example), strict inbox privacy settings, or blocking requests at the network level.

If you are troubleshooting multiple email addresses, try testing on different devices and browsers connected to different networks (mobile, home, business, etc) as a way to isolate where an issue might be.

How to track which link was clicked?

It is recommended to use UTMs within your links at this time to track which specific link was clicked using Google Analytics or another analytics tool.

Why are Click events low?

There are few reasons why you would see low click events. Generally, it's due to certain browsers blocking these events. For example, the Brave browser blocks UTM tracking by default. Opera GX and Firefox also have settings to block UTM tracking which they recommend to users during setup.

If you have more cases reproducing this and you are 100% sure that the UTMs are only for specific campaigns, we can try to look deeper into it

If you see 0 click events after you click a link:

Why do I see emails in Remaining?

There are two reasons that you'll see emails in Remaining. The first reason is when emails are scheduled to be sent in the future. If you view a report with emails scheduled to be delivered, you'll see those emails listed as remaining. This also includes Auto Warm Up, where OneSignal creates a delivery schedule that distributes sending throughout the day over several days to preserve your sending reputation.

The other reason an email is listed as remaining is the period of time where we have not received a response from the Inbox (e.g., Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, etc.) to confirm the delivery. It can take several hours, sometimes even up to 8 hours, for an email to be received by an inbox. For example, the email might bounce for several hours as we retry sending before we mark the email as Bounced. Over time, after sending an email campaign, you'll see the number of emails in Remaining decrease and the Delivered emails increase.

If you see emails stuck in remaining, it's safe to assume these emails were delivered; we just never received official confirmation from the Inbox. You can check the Audience Activity to verify the 'Sent at' time-stamp for each of these emails, verifying that OneSignal sent the email to the inbox, but you will not see the 'Delivered', 'Bounced' or 'Failed' time-stamp.