Email Message Reports

OneSignal Email delivery and statistics

When clicking an email report, you will see the high-level stats like how the message was created, when it started sending, how long it took to fully send and any throttling limits set. For exporting data, see Export Message Data.

Find Email Message Delivery Stats within Delivery > Sent Messages.


Image showing snapshot view of realtime message data

DeliveredHow many messages were sent from OneSignal to the Email Service Provider.
Open RateThe rate of unique recipients who opened or looked at the email contents.
Click-Through RateThe rate of unique recipients to whom an email was delivered and who clicked through any link.

N/A means link tracking was disabled for that message. More details in Email Links and Click Tracking.


API Message Data Retention Limit

Messages sent from the OneSignal API or Automated Messages are only saved for about 30 days.
You can export message data for your records through our API or Dashboard. See Exporting Data for more details.

Delivery Status

Delivery statistics provides you feedback on how your email performed.

Delivery StatusDescription
DeliveredOneSignal has completed sending the message.
QueuedMessages are queued up in OneSignal and will be sent shortly.
SendingMessages are currently sending.
ScheduledMessages are scheduled to be delivered at the time based on Intelligent Delivery or Timezone option. They should be finished sending within 24 hours.
CanceledYou or a team member with access to your app has cancelled the delivery of this message.
No RecipientsRecipients are no longer subscribed or no longer fit in the Segment when it was originally scheduled.
FailedThe message failed to send.

Image showing piecharts of delivery statistics

Total SentThe number of emails targeted to be sent the message.
DeliveredThe number of messages successfully sent to your Email Service Provider. This does not necessarily mean the devices have received these messages.
Delivered - Unique OpensThe number of unique recipients who have opened this email
Delivered - Unique ClicksThe number of unique recipients who have clicked links in this email.
Delivered - UnsubscribesThe number of recipients who opted out of your emails using the unsubscribe link in this email.
Delivered - Spam ReportsThe number of recipients who reported this email as spam.
BouncedThe number of recipients who registered as a hard or soft bounce and didn’t receive your email.
Failed (Errored)The message failed to send.
RemainingThe number of devices that have not received the message yet.

Message Settings

The Message Settings is a visual of all data sent within the message including which segment or filters used to target and total number of recipients (number of users targeted).


Which Email Service Providers support which statistics?

Not all email service providers provide the full range of possible email statistics.

MailgunYesYesYesYes (bounce)Yes

How do you handle suppressions like blocks, spam reports, etc?

Because OneSignal is just acting as a relay to your email service provider, we rely on the email service provider to handle communications with email servers to determine if emails are working. When an email is no longer considered working, it is suppressed by the email service provider, and will no longer send. Each email service provider has slightly different logic to determine suppressions - for instance, how many emails an email address must receive that bounce before being suppressed.

If an email is forwarded, do the click and open events get tracked?

No, anyone that forwards your emails to someone else whom opens and clicks a link does not get counted in the message report stats.