Unsubscribe Links & Email Subscriptions

Add unsubscribe links to your emails and understand email subscriptions.

Every email by default contains an unsubscribe link. You can customize this link or replace it with a different unsubscribe link. Most countries require all marketing messages to contain an unsubscribe link that allows email recipients to opt-out of messages at any time. Check your local privacy and anti-spam legislation to learn the requirements for managing subscription lists.

Unsubscribe Links in Emails

Customizing the unsubscribe link can be done using HTML or the Drag & Drop Editor. The default unsubscribe link uses this literal syntax [unsubscribe_url]. The unsubscribe link can be added in the following ways:


If you are creating an email directly with our HTML editor, we automatically provide an unsubscribe link.


Image showing editor with default HTML and Unsubscribe Link

If you are using the API (email_body property), you can put [unsubscribe_url] in the href= portion of an <a> tag like this:

<a href="[unsubscribe_url]">Unsubscribe</a>

Drag & Drop Editor

Within a Content Block, you can add this special unsubscribe link [unsubscribe_url] in a text area by selecting Special Links > Unsubscribe. This will drop an unsubscribe link into the text area. You may also highlight text before adding this link.


Image shows unsubscribe link selection


Make sure unsubscribe links are accessible

It is expected that any unsubscribe link is visible to your email recipient. Use accessible, or high contrast, colors and a large enough font that is easy to read (we recommend at least 12px). If a person can't easily see unsubscribe links, they may mark your emails as spam which will affect future deliverability across all your emails.

Custom Unsubscribe URL Destinations

The unsubscribe link destination for [unsubscribe_url] will vary depending on the Email Service Provider (ESP) you've selected. Mailchimp, for example, will redirect users to a OneSignal page that unsubscribes the customer immediately, while others will direct to a page where the user has to click a button to unsubscribe themselves.

If you are wanting to point the user to a custom unsubscribe page, you will need to replace [unsubscribe_url] portion of the unsubscribe link with your own custom URL.

How can I resubscribe emails?

If a user unsubscribes from email, they will get resubscribed if you manually click "Resubscribe to email" in the All Users tab for their record. If you use the setEmail SDK method or API Add/Edit Device calls, you will also need to remove that email from your ESP Suppression list.

Why am I seeing 2 unsubscribe links?

If you are using Mailgun or SendGrid, you may have turned on this setting within your ESP's dashboard. Make sure this is either turned off or customized as you want it.

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