Email Setup

How to set up email messaging with OneSignal.

Get started with email to connect effectively with your audience. This guide will help you quickly set up your sending domain and send your first email, ensuring your messages reach your users' inboxes without a hitch. Email remains the best channel for direct and personalized communication, allowing you to build lasting relationships with your customers at scale.

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1. Configure Your Sending Domain

Add your Sender Email and Sender Name to the OneSignal email configuration and the optional Reply-To field.

To send email with OneSignal you must own the sending domain.

There are multiple ways to configure your sending domain.

Domain Options include:

  1. Purchase a Domain Through OneSignal: Simplify the process by buying and auto-configuring a domain directly within OneSignal.
  2. Auto-configure Your Domain: Automatically set DNS records through your domain registrar with login details.
  3. Manually Configure Your Domain: Set DNS records yourself for full control. Instructions and support are available on our setup page.
  4. Connect a 3rd Party ESP: Integrate with services like SendGrid, Mailgun, or Mailchimp Transactional for those who prefer using existing email service providers.

Option 1: Purchase a sending domain through OneSignal.

If sending on OneSignal mail you have the option to purchase a domain without ever leaving the setup flow.

We partner with a 3rd party domain registry IONOS. All domains purchased in OneSignal will be auto-configured and will require no additional work on your part one you purchase a domain.

This is the quickest way to start sending, particularly if you dont already own a domain or have access to DNS management for the domain.

Purchase a Sending Domain

Purchase a Sending Domain

Option 2: Auto-configuring your domain

To configure the sending domain you can use the Auto Configure option which will add all of the necessary DNS records to your DNS management service to authenticate the sender.

You'll need access to your log in details for the domain registrar you used to register your sending domain. And can use the Auto-configure option so you dont have to manually copy and paste DNS records.

DNS Auto-Configure

DNS Auto-Configure

Option 3: Manually configuring your domain

Additionally, we provide the option to set up DNS records manually. For a walkthrough and video guide on how to set up DNS records or create a subdomain, visit our Email Sending Domain Setup .

DNS Manual Configuration

DNS Manual Configuration

Option 4: Connecting a third-party ESP

By default, OneSignal ESP will be selected. Optionally, you can connect a third-party ESP to send emails from OneSignal. We support integrations with Sendgrid, Mailgun, and Mailchimp transactional(Mandrill).

Integrate Email by ESP

Integrate Email by ESP

Follow the setup guide for your 3rd party ESP:

2. Verify Your Account

You are almost done! You just need to click verify your account at the top of your OneSignal app. This will open a support ticket and ask you some questions about your company and use cases.

Be as detailed as possible with your answers. Our Support Team will review and follow up ASAP!

You can leave the chat and you get an email from us when ready. It may take up to 24 business hours.

3. Importing Emails

For Email list uploads, select Upload CSV or add your own email to test with Add Email. If you have a website setup, you can also Add Web Prompt. These can always be added later.

Manually add a User

Navigate to Audience / Subscriptions and add an email address. Then create a segment with this email to send to.

Add new Users by adding manually adding email addresses. Make sure to add Data Tags to segment the User by later.

Navigate to Audience > Segment and create a new Segment using the data tag added to your new audience members.

4. Send Your First Message

Navigate to Messages > New Email then add your segment to the Audience Section. Add a message body, and Send.

Select a Segment

Select a Segment


As you start sending emails, following a Warm-Up Plan is highly encouraged to build your domain reputation, increase deliverability, and ensure you don’t get listed as spam.

If you need further assistance, explore the additional resources available in the Email Messaging Guide or contact our support team.


Setup Complete!

You're now ready to start engaging your audience with effective email campaigns.

For any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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