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iOS SDK App Groups setup

Setting up an App Group in Xcode is required to allow badge incrementing as well as the notification influence open event to be tracked into your Google Analytics for Firebase console. Without this only direct taps on your notifications will be tracked on iOS.

1. Add Notification Service Extension

1. Follow our guide on Add Notification Service Extension if you haven't done so already.

2. Enable "App Groups" Capability

1. Under Capabilities enable App Groups for both your main app target as well as the OneSignalNotificationServiceExtension target.
2. Check an existing App Group name if you have one or create a new with the "+".
Make sure you select the same name on both targets.
3. The name of your app group should be group.{your_bundle_id}.onesignal. So for example, if your application's bundle identifier is, your app group name should be

3. Setup OneSignal key in .plist

This step is only required if you don't want to use the default app group name (which is group.{your_bundle_id}.onesignal).

1. Open your Info.plist file and add a new OneSignal_app_groups_key as a String type.
2. Enter the group name you checked in the last step as it's value.
3. Make sure to do the same for the Info.plist under the OneSignalNotificationServiceExtension folder.

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iOS SDK App Groups setup

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