Analytics Setup

Track key analytics for the most accurate insights in OneSignal

To ensure you’re getting the best insight into your messaging strategy, we recommend you set up the following two forms of statistics so that OneSignal can capture data on:

  • Confirmed Delivery
  • Custom Outcomes

Confirmed Delivery

With confirmed delivery, every device that receives a notification sent through OneSignal will acknowledge successful receipt back to OneSignal. This stat will appear in a Message Report for a notification as “Confirmed.”

Most message platforms will automatically send a delivery confirmation to OneSignal, but some, like iOS, require additional setup.

Custom Outcomes

OneSignal allows you to track various Outcomes (events or actions) resulting from push notifications and in-apps. This includes tracking things you care about like event counts (e.g. how many users purchased a product), sums (useful for tracking revenue), or unique events (counted only once).

You can learn more about setting up custom Outcome tracking by reading Custom Outcomes.